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Within our agricultural, feed milling and production processes, our world-class animal welfare and food safety assurance programs ensure sterile and pathogen-free raw materials and production environments

As an integrated broiler producer, Rainbow focuses on the entire growing cycle, allowing us to oversee every step of the farming and production process.

Bio-security, flock health, body-weight control and uniformity management are core issues driving the optimal performance of our operations.

We produce three generations of birds in order to provide consistent high-quality broiler meat.

Birds are farmed at grandparent, parent (broiler-breeder) and broiler level.

Grandparent Farms

Rainbow’s grandparent farms regularly import pure genetic stock from Cobb UK. These pure-line, day-old chicks are reared under strict environmental controls on our pedigree farms in Carolina (Mpumalanga), Nottingham Road (KZN) and East London (Eastern Cape).

Fully-grown birds are transferred to laying sites where for the next 10 months they produce eggs. Eggs are then collected and transported to the hatchery.

Broiler Farms

Broilers are birds that are grown purely for meat production by providing them with an energy and protein rich, highly nutritious diet.